H-200M HE

High efficiency regeneration for 2″ HE systems

  • High flow rates for 2″ systems
  • Reduce salt usage
  • Fully programmable cycle positions and times
  • Variable reserve adjusts to water usage patterns


  • 2″ internal porting provides flow rates up to 93 gpm at 15 psi pressure drop
  • Level VI, 15V output DC power supply
  • Scrolling user screen shows capacity remaining, time of day and flow rate
  • Soft water brine tank refill
  • Multiple backwash and rinse capabilities
  • Several programming options including variable reserve, fixed reserve, calendar day override, delayed or immediate regeneration
  • Permanent memory backup of all programming
  • 2.5 years time of day backup
  • Uses less than $2 of electricity per year
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