X1 Reverse Osmosis System (30,000 – 180,000 GPD)

Cost-effective industrial RO water treatment

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Designed for high recovery rates and minimum energy consumption
  • Easy system Integration
  • Fully equipped with customizable options available


  • S-150 pre-programmed computer controller
  • Permeate and concentrate rotometers
  • Permeate and concentrate digital paddle wheels
  • Pre- and post-filter pressure gauges
  • Pump pressure and concentrate pressure gauges
  • Feed and permeate tds
  • 8” ultra low energy elements with 440 SF membrane
  • 300 psig FRP vessels with stainless steel side ports
  • Multi-cartridge stainless steel filter housing
  • Five micron sediment cartridge filters
  • Vertical stainless steel multistage pump
  • Composite feed solenoid valve
  • Motorized feed valve
  • Stainless steel globe throttling valves
  • Low and high pressure shut-off switches
  • Powder-coated carbon steel frame
  • Sch80 PVC piping
  • Permeate sample ports
  • Chemical feed port
  • Voltage: 220VAC 3PH 60 HZ
  • Optional Features:
    • S-200 computer controller
    • VFD
    • PLC with touch screen
    • Permeate and concentrate digital paddle wheels
    • Motorized feed valve
    • Concentrate recycle loop with flow meter
    • Permeate divert
    • Permeate flush
    • pH and/or ORP sensor
    • Chemical feed system
    • Chemical feed power outlet
    • Clean–in-place (CIP) ports
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